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Ghost Financial: Founder Story

“My goal with Ghost Financial is to make free money fall from the sky... for some of society’s hardest working operators & employees.” — John H. Meyer, CEO & Founder

The Origins Of Ghost Financial

The simmer of hot griddles and boiling water. The clatter of utensils and the ticking clock. The ping of new orders illuminates a blue screen. The ache of on-your-feet eight- to 12-hour workdays. There are menus to tweak, out of stock items to 86, dashboards to update, and inventory to order. There’s payroll to run and equipment to fix. Chop, sizzle, click, cha-ching—many hands move on the line to serve the ever-hungry customer.

In late 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I leapt feet-first into the grueling restaurant industry. I craved a low-carb delivery food option in my home city of Austin, so—as a seasoned tech entrepreneur—I decided to start one. With our lean team of head chef, prep cooks, and dishwasher, I worked 12-hour days in a commercial ghost kitchen facility alongside hundreds of other operators. Within 60 days, Keto Kitchen became the most successful kitchen by revenue and sales of our entire commercial ghost kitchen facility—home to 40 kitchens and hundreds of restaurant brands.

More important than this success were the observations and insights we gathered.

Average restaurant profit margins are 5% or less—a pain point felt across the ecosystem, from owner/operators to employees. I saw how restaurant workers show up each day to earn cash through hard physical labor—often living paycheck to paycheck—without a safety net. I saw how restaurant operators process tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in food and beverage inventory each month—often funded via check, cash, or ACH—without reaping any financial benefits from this massive, monthly recurring expense. To the contrary, kitchens navigate the implicit risk of losing that inventory from “act of god” events. (At Keto Kitchen, we learned this lesson the hard way: when the Texas energy grid failed during an especially bad winter freeze, our kitchen lost over $6,000 worth of food inventory overnight.) On top of it all, I was blown away that today, upwards of 40% of a kitchen’s revenue is stolen by delivery courier apps! Frustrated and fed up, I knew we had to built a better system.

Figuring out how to make restaurant operators and owners more money became my passion.
That’s why the first Ghost Financial product, launching summer 2022, is a cash-back credit card for restaurants, ghost kitchens, and the nation’s best caterers. Designed to plug into existing food and beverage inventory workflows, you can even use it to to pay ACH bills from your food suppliers. To lower the barrier to entry, we require no credit check or personal guarantors. Card customers also have access to expansion financing at some of the lowest rates in the industry. By integrating the data of key restaurant metrics like daily sales, average food preparation times, ratings, and reviews, we offer instant loan decisions to our loyal card customers.

Ghost Financial will supercharge restaurants that are ripe for rapid expansion, handling the financing so that owner/operators can keep doing what they do best: feeding hungry customers.

Up next on our product roadmap is restaurant-optimized payroll and liability insurance. We’ll offer the first modern-day insurance product for your brick-and-mortar restaurant or ghost kitchen so that, if something unexpected happens, your team and kitchen are protected.

At Ghost Financial, we are proud to be the first independent and empathy-first financial partner for ghost kitchens, brick-and-mortar restaurants, and the best caterers across the the USA. We hope you will join us.