About Us

Born out of a kitchen in Austin, Texas, Ghost Financial is creating tools with you in mind.

Ghost Financial was born out of a great need in the restaurant, bar, catering, and ghost kitchen space. Our founder, John Meyer, is the operator of a ghost kitchen in Austin, Texas. His business was exceeding expectations, so he approached a bank to apply for an expansion loan. However, that lender, and many others, had never even heard of a ghost kitchen. Upon further research, John realized that the problem was bigger than he had imagined; the entire food and beverage service industry was underserved by financial institutions. Thats when we decided to help.

We are driven by values.


Heart is at the center of all that we do. It drives every decision we make.

All Ears

We listen to feedback every step of the way. It's at the core of every product.

Trust is Key

We protect you and your data, period. Security is our number one priority.

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We're making headlines (and friends).

We are the ultimate partner for restaurants, bars, ghost kitchens, and caterers.

From our kitchen to yours, we've whipped up the best loans, 1% cash back cards, and insurance products to help you:

Make more money

Feel better with a bigger bottom line

Stay protected

Feel protected with every type of insurance you need

Supercharge business

Feel secure with access to fast loans made for you

Be empowered

Know that we have your back

Join a community

Learn best practices, share wins, and celebrate

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See what the industry is saying about us.

5 / 5

Finally a company who understands my needs! Ghost is helping me expand my ghost kitchen to a new city!

Jade - Ghost Kitchen Owner
5 / 5

No one at the big banks would help me. Ghost Financial is the only one who would listen.

Mohammed - Owner, Bar
5 / 5

The insurance is what I'm most excited about. I'm no longer going to have sleepless nights worrying about liability.

Samson - Franchise Owner

Ready to get started?

Request an invite for early access or contact us with any questions.

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