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The Ultimate Card for Restaurant & Ghost Kitchen Operators

Most restaurants in America are hurting their margins by relying on debit, check, or ACH transactions. Ghost Financial helps restaurants, bars, ghost kitchens, and caterers maximize their financial rewards and lift their margins by up to 10%.

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Operate Like a Nationwide Company Without the Extra Overhead

The restaurant behemoths of the world have 100+ person legal and compliance teams to give them a credit workflow advantage. This is simply not available to smaller operations like yours...until now.

Stop Using Cash to Buy Your Ingredients

One of the fastest ways to kill your balance sheet as a restaurant or ghost kitchen operator is to constantly operate on cash. Our card with 0% interest for 60 days that you can leverage for inventory expenses allows you to increase margins.

Unlimited employee cards with specific spend controls

Within minutes, issue physical and/or digital cards to your employees. Organize spend controls by department, individual, and more. Want Rachel to only spend money from 2 suppliers? No problem.

Get a 10% or More Bump in Your Profit Margin

The average margin in the non-alcohol food space is about 5%. Ghost Financial optimizes your balance sheet and allows you to enjoy an up to 10% bump in your profit margin.

0% for 60 days
Up to 10x credit limits

0% for 60 days.
Extra working capital for your business.

Simply connect Ghost Financial with your POS, UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, or Postmates account. No long application.

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Here's What Food Industry Operators
Have to Say

5 / 5

Ghost Financial's 1% cash-back card for inventory expenses quite literally drops us thousands of dollars of free money from the sky each month.

Zaid Rahman - Owner, Big D Pizza
4.5 / 5

When I started my restaurant, I wasted months trying to figure out options for kitchen insurance and expansion loans. Ghost Financial truly brings forward everything you need to launch & scale your restaurant business.

Jason Little - Head Chef & Kitchen Manager, Keto Kitchen
5 / 5

We spend about $120k/month in food inventory at just one of our locations. Getting risk-free 1% cash-back on that huge monthly expenditure is totally game changing to our bottom line.

Rick - Regional Manager, DogHaus

A Complete Financial Toolbox For
Ghost Kitchen Teams

Card With 0% For 60 Days

The average card out there only offers 30-day payment terms. Unlock an extra 30 day “cheat code” to bolster working capital

Ghost Kitchen Insurance

Spending weeks trying to figure out where to go for kitchen & team insurance? We are your one-stop shop.

Up to 10x Credit Limits

If you’re a healthy business with growing profits that pays off your card on time, you deserve a higher limit!‍

Banking For Ghost Kitchens

Earn up to +3% on your idle cash, get free ACH and wire transfers, and more in a beautifully modern and easy-to-use online banking interface.

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Built for restaurant operators, made by restaurant operators.

Started by ghost kitchen restaurant operators, Ghost Financial is here as your empathy-first financial partner.

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Ready to get started?

Request an invite for early access or contact us with any questions.